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We design, build and maintain solar plants.
We have been working towards a sustainable and eco-friendly energy sector since 2007.

Until the end of March 2015, Greencells will have installed over 1 GWp solar energy capacity. Nearly all key players in the solar industry trust in
our skill and experience.



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We are interested in acquiring project rights for ground-mounted solar plants, which the owners do not intend to complete. We are looking for fully developed and partially developed project rights worldwide!


04. April 2016

Greencells Group celebrates 1 gigawatt installed capacity

By the turn of the year, Greencells Group of Saarbrücken had built utility-scale solar plants with aggregate capacity of 1GWp. These plants taken together could, in the absence of unfavourable weather conditions, provide a large city such as San Francisco with emissionfree electricity. 

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15. April 2015

Greencells Group and Huawei Complete UK Solar Plant Project

Greencells Group has announced it has completed five solar plants in the UK as an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) provider, and connected all plants to the National Grid by the end of March. The combined capacity of all projects is 62.5MWp and will help power approximately 20,000 homes in the surrounding regions.


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18. November 2014

Greencells Group is hosting the 1st Europe Solar Day in Saarbrücken

On November 25th, 2014, Greencells Group GmbH, together with the Chinese technology group HUAWEI, is hosting the 1st Europe Solar Day. About 160 international guests from the energy sector are expected to attend the congress. Guests, contributions and panel will be exceptionally good. For example, Nick Boyle from Lightsource, the world's largest fund for renewable energies, will be one of the speakers.   

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